"Star of the evening is Luci Briginshaw, who as Fennimore, the housekeeper's poor relation, moves stealthily behind the scenes to bring about the necessary reconciliation between Olim and Severin. Her bright, vivacious soprano drew deserved praise from an enthusiastic audience."

The Silver Lake, October 2019

Stephen Pritchard, Bachtrack


"Rising above all - quite literally at the close when she delivered her aria of reconciliation - was Luci Briginshaw's Fennimore, whose sweet, light soprano perfectly captured the dream of liberation."

The Silver Lake, October 2019

Claire Seymour, Opera Today


"Luci Briginshaw's Fennimore and James Kryshak's creepy Lottery Agent are equally outstanding."

The Silver Lake, October 2019 

Tim Ashley, The Guardian


"Luci Briginshaw as Fennimore was the closest that the work comes to a heroine. She gets two major solos and a duet with Severin. Briginshaw managed to pull off the trick of singing with great ingenue insouciance, yet giving the music a real edge."

The Silver Lake, October 2019 

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill


"Arguably the most intriguing performance of all, however, comes from Luci Briginshaw as Fennimore whose soprano has a brilliant metallic quality."

The Silver Lake, October 2019 

Sam Smith, Music OMH 


"Luci Briginshaw sings the hit number 'Ich bin eine arme Verwandte' with steely charm

The Silver Lake, October 2019

Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph


"Luci Briginshaw gave a charming and beautifully sung presentation...fully credible as Fennimore, who is the catalyst for the final reconciliation as well as for hope for a better future." 

The Silver Lake, October 2019 

Agnes Kory, Seen and Heard International 


"Luci Briginshaw...totally justifies bagging the evening's two best songs"

The Silver Lake, October 2019

Peter Reed, Classical Source


"Luci Briginshaw took both second prize and audience prize for ringing, secure and dramatically engaged renditions of Qui la voce from I puritani and the Queen of the Night's Der Holle Rache."

By Voice Alone final, July 2019

Neil Fisher, Opera Magazine

'Our two leading sopranos each feel superbly suited to this score, and to the space...Luci Briginshaw's natural, appealing Adele regularly brings energy and joy to the stage, sung with thrilling fullness (and delightful petulance where appropriate).'

Die Fledermaus, November 2016

Charlotte Valori, Operissima


'Luci Briginshaw's superb Donna Anna is one of the evening's main highlights, thrillingly well sung and beautifully acted'

Don Giovanni, November 2015

Charlotte Valori, Bachtrack 


'Luci Briginshaw is a radiant Mimi - a soft glow ever present in her eyes, despite her pallid complexion and increasingly sickly posture. She's a deeply likeable character: her earnest self-expression and dignity still standing in her final hours, and Luci Briginshaw's voice reflects this admirably.'

La Boheme, October 2015

Francesca Wickers, Fringe Opera 


'Luci Briginshaw...revolutionised Gilda from "Caro nome" onwards, giving a performance of heartbreaking softness, innocence and sincerity fuelled by singing which grew ever more fabulous as the night drew on.'

Rigoletto, August 2014 

Charlotte Valori, Bachtrack 


'The show's shining light was the gorgeous Luci Briginshaw [as Violetta]. She glowed with talent throughout, and it was quite possibly her imaginative, daring, earthly performance that drew expression from her co-workers. She owned the stage, her aching love for Alfredo penetrating the audience, and expressing herself with such beauty that she provoked several murmured 'wow's from the front row.'

Review of La Traviata, September 2013

Francesca Wickers, Fringe Opera 


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